5 Tips on How to Dress for Success

5 Tips on How to Dress for Success

The world of fashion has expanded tremendously over the last few decades. It seems as if as soon as a person becomes famous, they branch out into the fashion industry. Of course, there are still the top designers who churn out new clothing designs on a regular basis. With so many choices, the working woman has to find a path for herself that is in keeping with her company’s dress code, without stifling her own sense of fashion. Here are some tips to help you navigate successfully down this path.

Learn Your Company’s Dress Code

Even before you get the job, you have to turn up for the interview. So it would be a good idea to scout out the company. Drop in if you can or, pass by when employees are entering or leaving to see how they dress. This will give you some idea of how to put together your own wardrobe for the interview. If none of this is possible, then be conservative. Wear neutral colours like brown, navy blue or black and sober accessories. A pantsuit, a knee length skirt suit or sober dress with unpatterned stockings will do. Once you are hired, read the company’s dress code and stick to it. If there is no dress code or if you find it inadequate, continue dressing conservatively while studying what your co-workers and their bosses wear. Then you can choose your wardrobe accordingly.

5 Tips on How to Dress for Success

Always Look Professional

Your outfits should be properly ironed as creased and crushed clothing tend to look frumpy and unprofessional. They should be soberly styled with skirts a tad above the knee or longer. Choose jackets for the tops or short or long sleeved blouses, not sleeveless or low cut and definitely not showing cleavage. Not all neutral colours may be complimentary to you so learn what suits you best. There should be certain basics in your closet like, a black jacket or blazer, a black dress, a white long-sleeved button front blouse, knee-length dark skirts and maybe, a pair of dark trousers. Your clothes should fit well. Too loose or ill-fitting clothes may make you look frumpy and, too tight clothing also tell their own story. Your basics and other well-chosen clothes will allow you to mix and match and make your wardrobe seem endless. The saying is that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have and you may want to be the boss one day.

Choosing The Right Accessories

Choose accessories that compliment your look, rather than detract from it. If you must wear jewelry, then choose earrings and necklaces to compliment your outfit and maybe add a ring if you must. The right scarf can make your outfit pop, especially if the rest of your outfit is neutral. Make sure your shoes are polished and easy to walk in, especially if your job entails your walking around rather than just sitting at your desk. Your shoes should be as sober as your clothes or you may want to try a gentle contrasting colour. Make sure the soles and heels are intact. You can wear stockings and keep a pair handy in case of runs. Torn or laddered hosiery never adds to your look. You should always have a pair of black pumps. The right accessories can carry off an outfit but the wrong ones could spell disaster.

5 Tips on How to Dress for Success

Remember Your Skin

Your make-up should compliment your face rather than stand out. Leave the dramatic look for the evening or the office party. Cover body art and conceal controversial piercings where possible as these might prejudice older conservative employers against you. Keep your fragrance light as you don’t want to overpower those who come in contact with you. There are those who may have allergies which are all too common nowadays. You don’t want to be the cause of others becoming ill. Wear lotion. Not only is it good for the skin and helps to finish your look but also dry skin can be a real downer. Your nails should be kept short as if you are ready to work. Wear clear or neutral-coloured nail polish. Long brightly coloured nails may give the wrong impression to your employer who you want to take you seriously.

Make Sure Your Hair Is Really Your Crowning Glory

Wash your hair regularly so it will look vibrant and add to your signature look. Hair quickly smells and you don’t want people, including your employers, holding their breaths when they walk by you. Your hair, hair pieces and wigs should be nicely styled to compliment your face. When colouring your hair, use natural colours as people tend to take you less seriously with green or blue or purple hair.

So, there you have it. You can try these tips and see if they help. As you put your outfit together, you can try it on beforehand in case something does not turn out the way you expect. Invest in a good iron or steamer. Keep a supply of lint brushes and shoe polish on hand. When everything is in place, go out and conquer the work world. What are some of the ways you have dressed for success? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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With this brand new free video series from The Warrior Queen, you can find the right balance in every aspect of your life, letting you give every relationship the attention it needs to thrive.